Imperia Machine

Imperia Machine

Imperia Machine

Shiny, smooth, sleak to the touch and designed by the finest minds in Italian culinary engineering. What else could it be other than the Imperia Machine.. The answer to the world's question of "How do I make restaurant-grade pasta from my own kitchen without getting messy and looking like an idiot?".


Never before have a group of pasta-obsessed Italians ever sat down around a drawing board and created such a culinary masterpiece designed to create the perfect pasta every time. This machine is like a dream.


You don't have to my word for it (though it's not a bad idea) - even a quick look over the pages on Amazon and you'll see review after review of the Imperia pasta demon and its undoubted prowess and dominance in the homemade pasta department.


Five star ratings aplenty it's clear for all to see that when it comes to knocking out high-grade, restaurant quality pasta then the Imperia machine is what you've been looking for.


Simple construction, built to stand the test of time (and unruly kids desperate to try it out!), this pasta machine stands tall above the rest. Believe me - not all imperia pasta machines are built equal. With the Imperia machine you are getting your hands on a sleak, mean, pasta-making machine that will knock the socks off your invited guests and make your partner think you have Italian genes!


Stand aside Guiseppe, Gino Di Campo and the like because now YOU can rise up the ranks of the world's elite pasta makers by just taking this baby out of its box, clamping it to a worksurface (dead easy) and then cranking away to your Imperia pasta making heart's content. Just make sure the neighbours don't get wind of it otherwise they'll be round every night trying to join you for dinner or worse - trying to borrow your beloved machine.


My wife thinks I'm in love with my imperia machine. How ridiculous! In love with a pasta making machine? :-) Okay, I admit it, maybe I am a little. Haha!

Imperia Machine - The Ferrari of Pasta Machines

Could the Imperia Machine BE any more sexy? The answer, is quite simply - no. With the fine styled chrome finish, smooth rolling action and powerful yet steady hand crank this bad boy creates the best-tasting pasta that your momma never made. Italian restaurants the world over are now quaking in their boots as you will finally have in your possession - the secret weapon of the world's top pasta makers. The Imperia pasta machine. Pasta la vista baby! :-)